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Friday, November 14, 2014

Synthesis Reflection

My Overall attitude towards this paper/project is negative. I have written several synthesis papers before, especially in my high school AP english classes and this would not be one of the better ones. My main problem with it is the lack of time I could find to devote to writing this. With the idea that all these writing projects are subject to revision at the end of the semester in the back of my head, It was extremely difficult to prioritize this essay above the unsettling amount of other things I had to get done. Quite honestly, I am pretty impressed with the amount I was able to turn out compared to the the amount of time I was able to write this, but I know the quality could be better.

I feel as if I followed my design plan closely and successfully showed both agreeing synthesis and disagreeing synthesis between the authors/sources. I feel as if my essay accomplished the synthesis aspect of the assignment well, but is missing the stylistic flow and length that a second revision (that i did not have time for) would correct for.There are ideas I could have added to. However, I am pleased with how my synthesis touches on both sides of the argument and uses a variety of authors to compare and contrast opinions between. I believe I followed the structure for a synthesis paragraph discussed in class for all my body paragraphs and I make constant appeals toward my young college age student audience.

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