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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Analysis Reflection

After reflecting on the rhetorical and visual analysis essay I think it went better than the photo essay. I have more experience rhetorically analyzing literature and incorporating the visual component was not that difficult, especially because of examples from the book Compose Design Advocate. However, I did have an issue with the time span of the essay. It seems we were given much longer or an extension to the due date on the photo essay, and much less time for this one. I still managed to get everything done on time though, but I feel like I could have produced a better quality essay if I was given more time or at least had a more organized peer review session.
                I believe I ended up following my design plan pretty well, and since I got to change and tweak my design plan before I turned in my essay, I got them both to match pretty nicely. I ended up only using 4 visual examples instead of 5 because I was already over the word limit, and I also decided to keep the photos in line of the text instead of presented before their corresponding paragraphs and almost separate. I did this because it essentially has the same effect while also saving space. My ethos, logos, and pathos arguments started off strong but general, and as the essay moves along they become more specific. Since all these ads essentially have the same method of presenting things to the audience, I didn’t want to repeat myself so I left out some analysis in later paragraphs if I already mentioned it before. I think I involved and made my evolving thesis clear enough and the general format and flow of the essay is smooth. 

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