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Thursday, October 30, 2014

In Class Writing Assignment

In reference to "The Changing Landscape of Work in the Twenty-First Century"

In my opinion, "work" is idea of  doing something in exchange for something else. Whether it be for material things or for pleasure, the person or object doing the work is gaining or at least not losing from the experience of working. Joanne Ciulla's observation that, "There may be no one particular feature present in everything we call work, but rather many characteristics that overlap and intersect" seems to be contradictory of mine. While both of our definitions or ideas about work are very general, mine seems to I've it a definition while Ciulla makes an observation that it cannot be defined. However, I still fail to see how work could not match my definition given that its very general.The word "work" is a verb; work has to be a subject acting on something else. And while work is also used as a noun to describe a place or idea, it is always closely tied as a thing someone or something does to that results in something that is trying to be changed or kept the same. Work is a use of energy with a purpose.

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